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FIBONA builds hotels and resorts based on a unique hotel concept: to connect people. No more anonymous living; instead, FIBONA is focused on personal interaction and the art of living and connecting people.

For this purpose, we develop location and needs-based hotel concepts in order to reach the relevant target groups. A first step in ensuring the attractiveness and profitability of hotels is our market analysis, profitability calculations and investment budgets. In connection with this, we develop an individual operating concept for each respective location.

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The idea behind LÉGÈRE EXPRESS is a hotel that combines high flexibility with a 24-hour check-in area, smart design, state-of-the-art technology and smart prices.

The location of our hotels guarantees our guests optimal access to the region. At the heart of each hotel you will find a Living Room, where our guests can relax, work, meet other guests and feel at ease.

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Our LÉGÈRE HOTELS are exceptional for many reasons. The LÉGÈRE HOTEL Bielefeld won the Interior Design Award 2016 for its modern, stylish interior. The LÉGÈRE HOTEL Luxembourg has been awarded by the State of Luxembourg with two sustainability certificates, the Ecolabel and the Entreprise Socialement Responsable.

Currently, the hotel chain has four properties in Germany and Luxembourg with more than 400 rooms and over 100 employees.


Hofgut Mappen has been owned by the Köllmann-Anders family company since 1994. It can be used for both corporate and private events.

Thanks to its original architecture and natural charm, the property is especially suited for special events. The rooms are designed for 20 to 500 people and extend to around 1,300 m². The spacious courtyard of the farm can be included in events.