The current development of the corona pandemic will be with us for a while. Therefore, we continue to optimize our cleaning processes for our guests in accordance with the latest recommendations of the RKI.


Our hotels are open for you. At locations with a LÉGÈRE EXPRESS and LÉGÈRE HOTEL, it may happen that we only keep one hotel open for you, depending on demand and occupancy.


These include intensive surface disinfection when guests change, regular disinfection of surfaces such as door handles, light switches, remote controls, etc.


During this time, we also do without anything that cannot be regarded as absolutely necessary, such as the display of brochures and magazines. During your stay, you can use the “Do not disturb” card to decide whether our cleaning staff is allowed to enter your room or not.


Breakfast can be different than usual depending on the current situation. We are constantly testing and optimizing our forms of presentation and service processes here for your safety, taking legal requirements into account.


For meetings and events, there are event areas available in our buildings in compliance with local personal restrictions and with adapted service and hygiene concepts. Our meeting professionals will be happy to advise you.


General protective measures in our hotels

  • Mouth masks are mandatory for all employees and guests in accordance with the regulations in the respective federal state: If necessary, we have mouth masks ready for our guests
  • Hygiene robot "One for two" in all public places (lobby, restaurant, bar, conference area)
  • Disinfectant dispensers in the toilet rooms
  • Regular disinfection of contact surfaces (door handles, elevator call buttons, counter surfaces at receptions, bars, etc.)
  • Regular ventilation of the public areas
  • Maximum number of two people for simultaneous use of the elevator (except families)
  • Notices at central points draw attention to hygiene rules of conduct


Here on our website we will keep you regularly up to date.

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